“12 Via Textilis”

I am Terri McGhee Jarrett.

I am Subfugio, I am the race evader. I have gone thru much of my life without the label “Black”. I am fleeing from normal society. I am avoiding the great sort because I fall in all the wrong categories. I feel like Miss. Celie, in The Color Purple: short, fat, Black, left-handed woman, in inter-racial marriage, childfree by choice, Atheist, Democrat. I long to be know as a Black Quilt Artist. I want to share stories of being the invisible Black person in the room. I’m invisible to other Blacks too.

I am a quilter, knitter and subversive woman. I think the most subversive thing I do is to refuse to buy into American consumer society. Living modestly is my great sin and my hardest won victory.

I want to share the secrets of how to survive on scraps.