Black, hippy, quilter

Those are the words I use to describe myself. I want to share the story of racism, discrimination, and always being on the outside.


I know, I know, I don’t look Black. I justify my racial identity to most of the people that I meet. Its gets old and uncomfortable and annoying to have strangers tell me who I am. Black folks would call me “light, bright and out of sight”. I feel Blacks don’t see me as one of thier own. When I’m in a predominately white crowd, I’m always listening for racist statements.

I found a place where no one care. I started hanging out with deadheads. The Dead crowd only cares if you have an extra ticket or “a little something for the head”. I also learned to tie-dye t-shirts as a way to pay for my fun.

near San Diego, 1991

Learning to quilt at 30 helped propel me into the adult world- in a positive way. Quilter is my main identy. I quilt almost daily. It’s always on my mind and brings me great joy to create my textile legacy.

Quilt by Terri M Jarrett

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  1. Frances Arnold says:

    Hey Terri. I have your blog in my feed and can’t wait to read what you have to share!!!


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